2021 A to Z Challenge

This page will be the culmination (at the end of the month of April) of all the 2021 A to Z Challenge posts for the first #atoz blog challenge I have done.

It starts on April 1st and goes through to the end of the month, without Sundays, so you wind up with 26 days = the equivalent of the alphabet. (You can find posts from Monday-Saturday and then have a breather for Sunday to catch up!)

There’s also the “theme reveal” post to kick it off and there will be a end of the month “reflection” post. I’ve also included a “bonus content” post of Fictional Holidays just for fun for you.

I’ll be adding the daily posts here on this permanent page as they appear, so you have a “table of contents” of Weird Holidays! Hope you enjoy!

Theme Reveal 2021 A to Z Challenge: Weird Holidays

Bonus Content: Fictional Holidays (just for fun)

Extra Bonus Content: Sesame Street Big Bird ABC-DEF-GHI

A is for Feast of the Ass Day

B is for Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day

C is for Chimborazo Day

D is for Appreciate a Dragon Day

E is for Eat Ice Cream for Breakfast Day

F is for Frozen Dead Guy Days

G is for Embrace Your Geekness Day

H is for Hobbit Day

I is for International Sweatpants Day

J is for Jugglers Day

K is for National Ketchup Day

L is for Library Shelfie Day

M is for Milk in Glass Bottles Day

N is for Near Miss Day

O is for Oatmeal Cookie Day

P is for Paper Airplane Day

Q is for National Barbershop Quartet Day

R is for Rubber Eraser Day

S is for Sidewalk Egg Frying Day

T is for Tartan Day

U is for Uncommon Musical Instruments Day

V is for Turkey Vultures Return to the Living Sign

W is for National Whipped Cream Day

X is for X-Files Day

Y is for Yuri’s Night

Z is for Zip Code Day

Bonus Z is for National Zipper Day

Surprise Bonus Content: Pangrams

Reflection: When You Reach the End of the Alphabet, What Comes Next?

Road Trip: Letter A to Z Redux

Table of Contents featured image courtesy of David Fullarton