“Dara deeply cares about everything she does, and it is reflected in the quality of her work. I highly recommend her work and think any group she works with is very lucky to have her help.”

-Peter A. Kurbikoff Jr.
Redondo Union High School Band & Guard Program

“Special thanks to the incredibly skilled Dara Rochlin, Lady Editor of dragon’s fame, who tolerated my thought processes and insanity as we updated the technology and continuity of sections of the manuscript that were written over the span of several years. She’s been everything a writer could want in an editor, and even more so as a friend.”

-Edward Branley
Hidden Talents 

“I also want to thank two lifesavers : Curt Clayson, my technical advisor, and Dara Rochlin, the Book Doctor, who saved me from some embarrassing typos and technicalities, and helped crack the whip on me to deliver to Sarah.”

-Lopsie Schwartz
Precision Photoshop: Creating Powerful Visual Effects

“Thanks to Dara Rochlin, my intrepid and brilliant editor, for a fantastic editing job.”

-Edward Branley
Dragon’s Danger

“You are an excellent editor and are worth your weight in gold. Anyone who can edit my stories and still stay on this side of the asylum has to be special.”

-Cleve Sylcox
Blood Crow: Love & War A Bloody Affair
Bedeviled: Tales of the Macabre 

“We would like to express our appreciation to Dara Rochlin, book doctor, for her deft and efficient treatment of our manuscript.”

-Pete Morin & Susanne O’Leary
Full Irish

“Dara Rochlin, whose edits helped me get my manuscript from ‘almost ready’ to ‘definitely ready’.”

-Shelley Sly
Wishing for Washington

“Dara went above and beyond the role of an editor to help this project reach publication. She was motivator, cheerleader, psychologist, sound board and late-night chat buddy.  If not for her efforts in each of those roles, you would not be reading this.”

-Tom Deady
Shades of Fear, A Charity Anthology

 “Hello, everyone. I’m dropping in to give kudos to my editor, Dara Rochlin. She has been with me on this journey since June 2012 and continues to be by my side. She was instrumental in the editing of this book, giving me constructive criticism as needed, seeing it through publishing and now through promotion. I couldn’t have asked for a better editor. If you’re looking for a fantastic editor and wordsmith, someone who is honest, caring, smart and quick, go to Dara. I trust her with everything.”

-Roxanna Mitchell
Perfect Score Part One: Full Court Press

“Thank you to my editor, Dara Ratner Rochlin, for helping me from day one with this project. Without your skills and creativity, my book wouldn’t be what it is today. It has been a pleasure working with you.”

-Eddie Bean
A Fortnight of Snow – The Journey Begins

“Things are going great, the first chapter should be back from my awesome editor Dara Rochlin some time this week and I couldn’t be more excited. This is going to be an amazing journey and I am looking forward to every second of it.

Big thank you to Dara for turning what I gave her and making a chapter out of it. Anyone looking for an editor I highly recommend her.”

-Mike Mill

“I did it! Thanks to Book Doctor, Dara Rochlin for her awesome edits and insights.”

-Dawn Miller Fulton
The Mighty Orange Blossoms

“Thanks for your valuable help in getting the book completed.”

-Stance Bingham
Repeat Offender

“Dara, thanks for the help with editing my resume. Great job, much appreciated.”

-Ian Lipner
Personal Trainer

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