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The latest scientific research seems to come out just as I am in the middle of fact-checking for Genome Magazine, or right after I send the piece to the Managing Editor for the quarter. I get a rush of excitement when I see the topic I was working on come up in the news aggregation, and promote it on Facebook and Twitter  (@bookdoctordara) with a general, “the latest on what I was working on … look for [the topic] to come out in the Quarterly Issue”.


In the words of Thomas Dolby, “She blinded me with science,” I thought I could post those articles here with a tie-back to the original Genome Magazine article.






Spring 2018 – Genome Magazine

Interesting how certain topics appear in the news after I finish a fact-check.  Again, we turn to the Spring 2018 issue of Genome Magazine — (Still not out yet, but getting finishing touches according to the Managing Editor).  As a matter of fact, this news story that popped up today is in the same article listed for the “science news brief” below, on Nutrigenomics.

helix in text
Helix in text image courtesy of mobihealthnews

Author Cecile Jannsens, talks about Helix (, where you can buy a genetic test in their online marketplace, using your genomic information for personalized lifestyle and nutrition information. Everything from Wine Recommendations, to nutrition meal planning and fitness goals, to tracking your sleep schedule and patterns,  to wearing your DNA helix on your socks, scarf, or t-shirt.


“Helix CEO Robin Thurston said the financing will enable it to expand its health-related product offerings as it competes with other genetics companies, such as 23andMe and AncestryDNA. 

The Helix store includes 35 products from 20 partners and that number is expected to grow to more 50 products in 2018 with major launches including new products from partners such as Mayo Clinic.”

I will keep you posted on when the Spring 2018 magazine hits the shelves for you to read what I’m working on.


helix thumb
Helix thumbnail courtesy of mobihealthnews


Spring 2018 – Genome Magazine

Currently working on a fact-check on the topic of Nutrigenomics  — the integration of genomic science with nutrition and, when possible, other lifestyle variables such as cigarette smoking and alcohol consumption. Studies look at how particular food or specific diets will impact, either positively or negatively, on a person’s health depending on their genes. This branch of science has influenced the concept of diets personalised according to genotype.

NPR on Morning Edition had the following story  Personalized Diets: Can Your Genes Really Tell You What To Eat?” this morning (January 22, 2018),  by Allison Aubrey.

Image courtesy of NPR “The Salt” Jenn Liv for NPR.

I will keep you posted on when the Spring 2018 magazine hits the shelves for you to read what I’m working on.


She_Blinded_Me_with_ScienceEd Note: For some extra-added geekery fun, check out the original video for “She Blinded Me With Science”