2021 A to Z: Letter B…Weird Holidays

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2021 A to Z: Letter B

is for

Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day
(Last Monday in January)

In 1957, Engineers Marc Chavannes and Al Fielding worked in a garage to create a three dimensional plastic wallpaper, by sealing two shower curtains together. They were not successful in selling their wallpaper. However, it was originally used to package IBM 1401 computers for shipment.

Did you know…  a radio station in Bloomington, Indiana received a shipment of microphones wrapped in bubble wrap. While unwrapping and setting up the microphones,  the sound of bubble wrap popping was inadvertently broadcast on the radio. And so, Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day was born.

What Kind of Bubble Wrap Popper are You?

  • The Stomper – This is all those people whose favorite way to burst their bubbles is to lay their sheet of bubble wrap on the group and jump, stomp, or just walk all over it until all their bubbles have popped.
  • The Basher – This type of popper is the person who smashes their bubble wrap with either a fist, or another type of object against a hard surface.
  • The Wringer – Wringers like to roll a big sheet of bubble wrap and then twist.
  • The Crusher – If you grab a big handful of bubble wrapping and squeeze until you’ve crushed all the bubbles you can this may be you.
  • The Dainty Popper – Dainty poppers like to either pop a single bubble at a time by using their thumb and forefinger, or they may squeeze the bubbles over to the side with a rolling motion.

World Records and other such useless knowledge:

According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the most people popping bubble wrap simultaneously is 2,681, achieved by the Denver Area Council, Boy Scouts of America (USA) at the Peaceful Valley Scout Ranch in Elbert, Colorado, USA, on 19 September 2015. The scouts popped bubble wrap as part of their annual “Camporee.”

 In 1992, psychology professor Kathleen Dillon conducted a study in which she found that subjects were more relaxed and less tired after a popping session. One possible reason: Humans are soothed by tactile sensations of touch, for comfort.

Did you know there is a Bubble Wrap Book?

Featured image: “B is for Book” from Digital Synopsis, created by UK based graphic designers Liam + Jord

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