I love books.  I love editing. I love watching words flow and ebb on the page.  I love when it works and I even love when it doesn’t work.  I love the ability to find the right way to fix a sentence to make it flow.   I love being a wordsmith.

My job is to provide the help you need to achieve your goals with your writing.

I do grammar, content, spelling, proofreading, character development, line editing, and beta reading.

  • Developmental/ Project Editing
  • Structural Editing
  • Copy/Line Editing
  • Stylistic Editing
  • Manuscript Editing
  • Self Publishing – Create Space, Lulu, Smashwords
  • Proofreading
  • Fact Checking & Research
  • Resume Proofreading

Every writer does not need the same amount of effort and time even when selecting the same service, so my intention is to customize the price based on the writer’s needs.

I give you an honest opinion of your story with specific notes, comments and questions to strengthen your writer’s voice.  I brainstorm with you and offer advice on how to make your book more marketable, to give you the best final product before you go to publication.

I will take five pages of your book and work my magic. You’ll see what sort of input you’re going to get and I will give you a bespoke quote based on the level of work that will be required to get your story perfect for publication.

My rates start at $35 an hour, and depending on what level of service you need, can increase from there.

To get a rough idea of standard editorial rates, see the Editorial Freelancers Association’s Editorial Rates chart. Note: The rates shown are only guidelines. 

Payment plans are accepted.  I accept PayPal and Chase Quick Pay.

Contact Information
Email: DaraR68@gmail.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DaraRochlinBookDoctor


photo at top via Shutterstock

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