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Trusted Talents
[Book 2 of the Bayou Talents Series]
by Edward Branley

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Someone’s stealing magickal artifacts – in the middle of Mardi Gras!

Daniel Sumner McCain is a Dark Adept of the Council. His desire for power has led him to New Orleans, city of secrets. McCain desires a set of magickal artifacts that have been hidden for over a century. If McCain succeeds, he can restore his family to a position of incredible power.

Renard Alciatore’s Talents are no longer Hidden, but they’re no match for an Adept of McCain’s ability. His mentor, Fr. Michael O’Donnell, has entrusted him to Mary Margaret FitzRyan and Tara Rodrigue, Witches of Celtic Bayou Coven, for further training. They come together under the umbrella of The Assembly, the shadowy group that helped Ren in his duel in Metairie Cemetery

Ren and his friends are strong, but the Opposition does not respect the centuries-old Accords in place. Ren wants to enlist the help of Brooks Stirling Sumner, McCain’s cousin and the granddaughter of a powerful enemy. Their relationship strains the trust of his colleagues. The Coven must patch things up and keep the search going for the artifacts.

McCain believes in victory at all costs. Can “Angelic” assistance help The Assembly defend their city, while bullets fly, cops harass, and parades roll?

So Mote it be!


Genome Magazine
Issue 16
Spring 2018

Fact Checking for Genome Magazine

#WeAreNotWaiting by Sonya Collins
Using innovative, do-it-yourself hacks, healthcare consumers are creating solutions to help manage their diabetes.

Does Lifestyle Genetic Testing Diminish Medical Genetics?
by Cecile Janssens, PhD and James Lu, MD, PhD
Two experts in the field weigh in on the growing market for direct-to-consumer genetic tests that focus on fitness, nutrition, and even wine preference.

What We Talk About When We Talk About Genetics by Maureen Salamon
The Personal Genetics Education Project furthers the conversation about genomics in health and society.

Mind Over Matter by Heather Millar 
Researchers are discovering connections between psychological well-being and immunity.

Genomics Justice League by Jenny Reardon
Cutting-edge science and technology should be available for all.

Boxed Warning by Laura Hercher
In Personalized Medicine: Empowered Patients in the 21st Century?, Barbara Prainsack writes about data-driven medicine and how it may fail us. [Book Review]


Genome Magazine
Issue 15
Winter 2017

Fact Checking for Genome Magazine

Alternate Target by Charlotte Huff
While the medical community has long focused on lowering cholesterol to prevent heart attacks and stroke, a novel drug now zeroes in on inflammation.

Mind Games by Maureen Salamon
Do digital brain-training games halt cognitive decline?

A Personal Attack by Jeanne Erdmann
New genetic findings in prostate cancer are opening up more precise therapies for men with advanced metastatic disease.



Genome Magazine
Issue 14
Fall 2017

Fact Checking for Genome Magazine

Turning Point by Kendall K. Morgan
The FDA’s approval of an anti-cancer drug prescribed based on a tumor’s genetic glitches rather than its location is a landmark in precision medicine. (Keytruda) [Cover Story]

Hunt to Stop a Killer by Kendall K. Morgan
Nearly 25 years after the Huntington’s disease gene discovery, treatments to curb the condition appear within reach.

To Boldly Go by Katy Human
What science could learn from NASA’s Twins Study (Astronauts Scott and Mark Kelly).


The NOPSI History You Should Know
by Edward Branley
for GoNOLA.com
How a city gets its electric power isn’t usually of interest to visitors, unless you’re heading out to see the Hoover Dam in Nevada. What is interesting, however, is the origins of downtown “conversion,” or “boutique” hotels. Old buildings no longer in use in a downtown area, say an old bank branch, or a small shoe factory, are prime targets for renovation in re-purposing.

In New Orleans, an array of office buildings in the older section of the Central Business District (CBD) became hotels. The latest of these hotels is the “NOPSI Hotel,” a 1920s landmark at 317 Baronne Street. NOPSI? What’s that, you say? It’s the old name of the light company, dawlin’! Here’s the back story.  

Want to know more? Finish the article! 

Photo credit: Architectural drawing, NOPSI Building, 317 Baronne St., 1926 (Courtesy The Historic New Orleans Collection)

Necrotic City_Cover

Necrotic City
by Leland Lydecker

Amazon Kindle

What happens when a Hero crosses the thin blue line in Necrotic City and has to fight for survival in a chaotic, decaying world?

Adrian is a vat-grown human known as a Hero. Enhanced through genetic engineering and implanted nanotechnology, Heroes serve as the superhumanly resilient, altruistic peacekeepers of the Company’s tightly controlled city. Internal matters like corruption and criminal negligence are strictly outside of a Hero’s jurisdiction; but when Adrian begins to uncover the ugly secrets of the government that created him, his sense of justice forces him to act.

Cut loose in a city wracked by civil unrest, hunted by Enforcers and flesh hackers alike, Adrian quickly learns that there is no safe place for a Company man.

Editor Disclaimer: I only worked on the blurb and the one-line pitch for Necrotic City. 

Krauss Cover

Krauss:  New Orleans’ Value Store
by Edward Branley

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A veritable trade palace
For almost a hundred years, generations of New Orleans shoppers flocked to Krauss. The Canal Street store was hailed for its vast merchandise selection and quality customer service. In its early days it sold lace and fabric to the ladies of the notorious red light district, Storyville. The store’s renowned lunch counter, “Eddie’s at Krauss,” served Eddie Baquet’s authentic New Orleans cuisine to customers and celebrities such as Julia Child. Though the beloved store finally closed its doors in 1997, Krauss is still fondly remembered as a retail haven. With vintage photographs, interviews with store insiders and a wealth of research, historian Edward J. Branley brings the story of New Orleans’ Creole department store back to life.

Krauss Department Store 1958-1960


Genome Magazine
Issue 13
Summer 2017

Fact Checking for Genome Magazine

  • CRISPR Comes to the Clinic by Kendall K. Morgan
    With advances in gene-editing tools, more diseases could get the ax. [Cover Story]
  • Major Milestone by Charlotte Huff
    New research into spinal muscular atrophy, the leading genetic cause of death in infants, has led to a first treatment, with more treatments on the horizon.


Graveworld Book 1: Death Magick (Volume 1)
by Ryan Z. Dawson

Drive Thru Fiction
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When Alan Shade finds himself one of only two living humans in the land of the dead, he may have to confront a destiny grander and stranger than even his wildest dreams – or his worst nightmares.

Join him as he follows ghouls, fairies, and bastethai through Graveworld, a grim land of myth and magic, to root out the evil seeking to tear it apart.

Can Alan find the balance between his emerging power and the burdens that remain from his mundane life? Or will Graveworld crumble first, taking our world with it? Alan’s life is about to begin…with his death.

Be on the lookout for Graveworld Book 2: Winter’s Bones coming Christmas 2017.

Genome Magazine
Issue 12
Spring 2017

Fact Checking for Genome Magazine

  • From Small Things by Misha Angrist
    How a single patient and his mother built a transformative rare-cancer.
  • Turning the Tide by Maureen Salamon
    A legacy of abuse has caused many American Indians to distrust genomic studies, leading scientists to forge a new, more collaborative path forward.
  • Game Changer? by Aimee Swartz
    Researchers are studying how much influence genetic test results have on health behavior.

Mythical Beasts & Beings: A Visual Guide to the
Creatures of Folklore
Written & Illustrated by Lisa Graves

Tales of tails, wings, and other things…

Amazon Kindle

A Mythical Creatures Guide with Stunning Illustrations

Lisa Graves takes on monsters, fairies, gods and dragons in this illustrated guide to mythological creatures. Featuring legends from around the world, this collection provides information for fans of mythology, magic and more in a lovely volume.

ciguapaThe Ciguapa image ©History Witch/Lisa Graves


Fifty Two Journeys into Dow Gardens:
by William Westerfield

From the Nature and Special Event Photography Studio, RedJanus LLC, sixty-four photographs – curated from an initial selection of 25,000 photographs made in Dow Gardens (Midland, MI) from 2014 through 2016 – are shared with you. Covering all four seasons, the viewer gets to visit this 110-acre public garden taking delight in both full-color and specially processed black & white photographs.

One of the highlights of this book is that it shows what settings the author used in his camera gear to capture the initial image. The author is also very interested in hearing from his readers if they have questions about photography in general, or how specific photographs were made.

Colborne Communications
Toronto, Canada

Proofreading for Colborne Communications on an online ESL course, including basic spelling, grammar, and syntax. Check for spacing errors, problems with audio, and errors in quizzes. Input corrections into spreadsheet, marking errors in detail for corrections to be made by the editorial team.



Genome Magazine
Issue 11
Winter 2016
Fact Checking for Genome Magazine

  • Genomic Medicine Beyond Borders by Kendall K. Morgan
    Sharing genomic research among countries is changing clinical practice. [Cover Story]
  • Column: Reality Check by Laura Hercher
    APOE e4, the gene variant associated with Alzheimer’s, is now stirring up drama in the world of contact sports.
  • DNA Data Interpretation by Laura Beil

    Raw data from direct-to-consumer genetic tests can provide limited but occasionally useful information.

Dragon’s Discovery
[Book 2 of the Blood-Bound Series]

by Edward Branley

Amazon Kindle

Can a video game become reality? David, Anne Marie, and Joey are ready to start another school term after a laid back summer getting to know their dragon. The difference is, they are Blood-Bound to Eleni of the Red Tribe. As if school, band, and drinking chicory coffee are not keeping them busy enough, they are now part of the world of the Dragons. Join the Trio as their days are filled with curiosity, intrigue, and a new video game, while Eleni, the Guardians, Companions, and Merchants guide them through their discovery of life and love.

Genome Magazine
Issue 10
Fall 2016
Fact Checking for Genome Magazine

  • Dial M for Medicine by Sonya Collins
    The smartphone is revolutionizing the ways patients engage with doctors and manage their health. [Cover Story]
  • Keeping Track of Your Medical Records by Laura Beil
    New services help patients centralize disconnected medical records
  • Column: Hope Meets Reality by Arthur Caplan
    A desire for access to experimental medications often conflicts with the need for safe and widely available new drugs.

What Was Once A Dream: An American Volunteer’s Service as an Israeli Paratrooper
by Jonathan Sidlow

Amazon Kindle

“In this important book, Jonathan Sidlow offers a personal account of life as a Lone Soldier in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF). His story takes the reader on a fascinating, compelling, and informative journey from his childhood in America, through everything leading up to his involvement in the War in Gaza in 2014, and his return back to the U.S. as a civilian. I would recommend Jonathan Sidlow’s book to anyone who wants to understand the realities of being an American Lone Soldier in the IDF. ”
–Former Senator Joe Lieberman


Genome Magazine
Issue 9
Summer 2016
Fact Checking for Genome Magazine

  • The Price We Pay by Kendall  K. Morgan
    While costs for genetic tests have dropped, questions still remain about who pays the bill. [Cover Story]
  • Advances in Melanoma Treatment by Jeanne Erdmann
    About 8 percent of people who receive a diagnosis of melanoma have a first-degree relative with melanoma.
  • The Born Identity by Russell Dodds
    A pathologist’s journey of genetic self-discovery yields potentially lifesaving findings.
  • Determining A Drug Response by Sonya Collins
    Pharmacogenomic testing can guide dosing and prevent serious adverse reactions.


Genome Magazine
Issue 8
Spring 2016
Fact Checking for Genome Magazine

  • The Ultimate Selfie by Maureen Salamon
    What healthy people can learn from getting their genome sequenced.
  • Common Thread by Katie Human
    Celiac Disease’s shared genetics and biology with other autoimmune disorders may lead the way to more treatments for all.
  • Embryo Screening by Charlotte Huff
    Preimplantation genetic diagnosis provides some answers but raises questions for IVF parents.

Colorful Women In History Volume 2: A Coloring Book

Written and Illustrated by Lisa Graves


There are thousands and thousands of interesting, inspiring, and unique women in history to study, women from all over the world and from every time period. What better way to learn about each empowering story than by coloring them? All of the women profiled in this book have an amazing tale to tell and whether you use crayons, markers, pencils, paints, or pastels… YOU can bring these stories to life. This is the second volume in a series.


Genome Magazine
Issue 7
Winter 2015
Fact Checking for Genome Magazine

Ageless Women, Timeless WisdomNovember
Ageless Women, Timeless Wisdom: Witty, Wicked and Wise Reflections on Well-Lived Lives
by Dr. Lois Frankel
Illustrated by Lisa Graves

Amazon Kindle

Throughout history wisdom has been passed from generation to generation through tales told, songs sung, and rituals performed by women elders. Yet in many cultures, particularly the Western culture, as women age they become marginalized and nearly invisible. Having lived decades raising children and sometimes grandchildren, caring for ill husbands and parents, creating “nests” from which progeny fly out of to be productive members of society, and often being forced to observe more than participate in the events around them, gives older women unique insights and wisdom to help future generations not only survive but thrive.
After spending a year speaking with and photographing women around the globe and collecting stories and remembrances from the families of women who have passed away, Dr. Lois Frankel offers this compilation of wisdom that ranges from heartwarming to hilarious. Beautifully illustrated by Lisa Graves, Ageless Women, Timeless Wisdom is a book sure to be passed from grandmother to daughter to granddaughter with pages included to capture their own family wisdom.

About the Author
Dr. Lois Frankel is the author of the New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestselling business bible for women, Nice Girls Don’t Get the Corner Office, and the New York Times, Wall Street Journal and BusinessWeek bestseller, Nice Girls Don’t Get Rich. She has appeared on the Today Show, 20/20, Tavis Smiley, Larry King Live and been featured in People, USA Today, Working Mother and numerous other global media outlets. She is among the top names in international speakers, known for her own witty, wicked, and wise observations about the challenges of women in the workplace and the world. An avid photographer, Dr. Frankel’s latest book showcases many of the photos she has taken during her business travels across five continents.

Hidden TalentsOctober
Hidden Talents
[Book 1 of the Bayou Talents Series]
by Edward Branley

Amazon Kindle

New Orleans is hot, humid, spiritual…and magical!

Anita Delatorre is a junior executive for a publishing company specializing in Christian books and homeschooling materials. One of her “responsibilities” is to be her company’s liaison with a New Orleans-based radio preacher, whose books her company publishes. A group seeking to discredit her client is all too successful, and Anita must take steps to stop them, using any means at her disposal. And Anita’s means are formidible: She is a sorceress, whose psychic Talents extend well beyond those of most mortals.

Renard Alciatore is a thirty-four-year old photographer who enjoys using his computer skills to mock Anita’s client, the Reverend Jay Hadley. As Ren begins to receive information of financial and sexual improprieties from inside Jay Hadley Ministries, his life is threatened, and, in the process his own Talents are revealed. He is placed under the Protection of a shadowy organization known as The Assembly as he learns to use his Talents, to improve his photography, help others when he can, and defend his own life, when Challenged.

What were once Hidden Talents emerge in the hot New Orleans summer. Only one will walk away when the Duel is joined!

Hidden Talents is the first full-length novel from New Orleans Historian Edward Branley, whose knowledge of the city comes to life as Anita pursues Ren, to protect her business interests.

The Witches: A Coloring Book (Colorful Women In History)September
The Witches: A Coloring Book
Written and Illustrated by Lisa Graves


A coloring book full of true stories of the women who were accused of witchcraft. From Isobel Gowdie to the Salem Witches, Marie Laveau to Hekate… all of them have a story to tell. Grab your markers, crayons, pencils, paints, and pens and get ready to learn a colorful history lesson.

Genome Magazine
Issue 6
Fall 2015

Fact Checking for Genome Magazine

The Changing Face of CYSTIC FIBROSIS (CF)
by Kat McGowan

In 2011, Meranda Honaker felt she was doing pretty well. She has cystic fibrosis (CF), a genetic disease that interferes with digestion and breathing and is eventually fatal.

Colorful Women In History: A Coloring BookAugust
Colorful Women In History: A Coloring Book
Written and Illustrated by Lisa Graves


Color your way through history! Coloring is good for the soul. Relax, unwind, and grab your markers, paints, crayons, and paintbrushes. Each one of the fascinating women in this book has a unique story to tell. Read all about them as you explore your creative side! Whether you color direct on the pages or copy on to watercolor paper, this collection of Royalty and Noblewomen is for those who want to be creative while absorbing a “not-boring-at-all” history lesson.

Genome Magazine

Issue 5
Summer 2015

[Editor Note: In addition to book editing, I also do fact checking.] Here are the three articles I did for the Summer 2015 issue of Genome Magazine.

  • A Lucky Break  by  Len D. Lichtenfeld, MD
    A recent scientific study on bad luck and cancer serves as a fortuitous opportunity for learning.

  • DNA Tests for Infectious Diseases  by Aimee Swartz
    Using sequencing to precisely diagnose diseases allows doctors to precisely treat them.

by Ryan Z. Dawson

Amazon Kindle

When a girl washes onto the beach half-drowned, she wakes with no memory of what’s happened to her, how she survived – or even who she is. She soon finds herself caught in the last war of a dying land, fighting desperately to rediscover herself before she and everything she loves is obliterated completely. Enter Melidora, a kingdom in the teeth of a disease that eradicates memory. Learn the secret history of the Halcyon, Melidora’s creatrix, and follow the shipwrecked girl’s rise to power over the wolf shadows of the Cradle Spire. Can she stand against the Nixian hordes to save Melidora, or will she be swallowed up and forget herself forever?

dragon's danger -edward branleyMarch
Dragon’s Danger
[Book 1 of the Blood-Bound Series]

by Edward Branley

Amazon Kindle
Barnes & Noble

Don’t believe everything you read on the Internet!

Joey, Anne Marie, and David are three teens from New Orleans. They’re smart enough to understand this. Imagine their surprise when a “dragon’s egg” they bought online turns out to be from an ancient trading company that sells “collectibles and curiosities”. Suddenly it’s more than just kidding around, as they help their dragon avoid danger and evolve to its full potential!

You can find Edward at his website.

Edward Branley is a writer, teacher, historian, and computer nerd. He graduated from the real Brother Martin High School. Edward dated several girls who attended the real St. Mary’s Dominican High School, also in New Orleans, eventually marrying one of those girls. While he’s yet to have Hassan’s Collectibles and Curiosities deliver a dragon egg to the house, he can attest that sixteen-year olds attending Catholic school do swear like the Trio do. He lives in New Orleans, with his wife, and stays in constant touch with his grown sons.
Edward enjoys spending time with his family, writing, or procrastinating (of course, procrastinating should be at the top of the list). Edward is on Twitter as @YatPundit (personal/politics) and @EdwardBranley (computer/geek/professional)

Blood Crow-Cleve Sylcox- CoverJanuary
Blood Crow

Love and War: A Bloody Affair 
by Cleve Sylcox

Amazon Kindle


In the ravages of war, love blossoms as the powers of an Indian blessing bring forth death. Constance Gwen helps an elderly Indian woman who gives her the power of Crow’s Blood. Gavin McAdams loves her and will stand by her at all cost…even to the death.


Full Irish Cover MEDIUM WEBDecember
Full Irish
by Pete Morin & Susanne O’Leary

Amazon Kindle

A Dublin reporter is on a mission to find the murderer of an honest politician and close friend. A Boston lawyer is hired to dig up dirt on a conniving Irish competitor.

When the two collide at a famous County Kerry castle and discover their mutual interests, the ensuing game plan is more Pink Panther than Hercule Poirot.

Full Irish marks the return of Paul Forté and his wife, Shannon, and the introduction of Finola McGee. In a sometimes madcap, sometimes dark adventure, Shannon lands a blow against lecherous politicians, McGee shows off her pole dancing prowess, an Anglo-Irish butler turns double-agent, and the zygomatic bone takes disproportionate abuse. But can the trio unravel the web of conspiracy stretching from the back corridors of Leinster House to the polished inner sanctum of the Massachusetts Senate?

Against the backdrop of the windswept west coast of Ireland and the watering holes of Dublin and Boston, Full Irish exposes a rivalry that goes to the very heart of politics.

About Susanne O’Leary and Pete Morin

Susanne O’Leary has been the wife of a diplomat (still is), a fitness teacher and a translator. She now writes full-time from either of two locations, in a ramshackle house just outside Cahir, County Tipperary or in a little cottage overlooking the Atlantic in Dingle, County Kerry. When she is not scaling the mountains of said counties (including  MacGillycuddy’s Reeks, featured in Full Irish), or keeps fit in the local gym, she writes books in a number of genres; contemporary romance, romantic comedy, historical fiction and, recently, detective.

Pete Morin (author of the acclaimed legal thriller Diary of a Small Fish) has been a trial attorney, a politician, a bureaucrat, a lobbyist, and now lawyer, blues guitarist and crime novelist.

When he is not writing crime fiction or legal mumbo jumbo, Pete plays blues guitar in Boston bars, and on rare occasion, plays a round of golf or two. He lives in a money pit on the seacoast south of Boston, in an area once known as the Irish Riviera.

Never Surrender Your SoulDecember
Never Surrender Your Soul
by Brian Michael Good

Amazon Kindle

At some point in your life, you may wonder if your soul is hanging by a thread. This thread is the conduit in which your belief system flows defining your human spirit and binding to the fabric of your soul. Religious, Philosophical, and Ideological fibers are spun into a single strand giving strength to your beliefs. It is this thread’s strength that allows you to be broad-minded and even-handed. Be aware that you may be surrendering your soul in your judgment or treatment of others.

Pick Your Poison: A Faery Tale Therapy AnthologyNovember
Pick Your Poison: A Faery Tale Therapy Anthology
by Various Authors

Amazon Kindle

SHORT STORY ANTHOLOGY: Everyone thinks they know the real story behind the characters in fairy tales— But did you ever wonder what happened when the story ended and you closed the book? Come along and in this new anthology, you’ll find your favorite and some new favorite faerytale characters on the psychiatrists couch as they work through their trauma.

This is not for children, 18+ please.  There are some stories that have some very intense storylines.

All Proceeds for this Charity Anthology go to benefit The Izzy Foundation, providing services and support to those families with children who have debilitating diseases.  The Foundation hopes to help families live, love, laugh and play.  The Izzy Foundation is a nonprofit organization [501(c)(3)] based in Providence, RI.

Twelve Step Tales, a poem,  by Carina Bissett
Mother of Fairy Tales by Kerry E.B. Black
Zuri by Joi Miner
Heel Toe by D.K. Cassidy
Cindy’s Deep Hidden Trauma by Joanne Eskreis
Iced by Michelle Boske
Snow White and the Psychologist by Cleve Sylcox
Old Sleepman by Kerry E.B. Black
The Prince, the Queen, the King and the Pea by T.D. Harvey
A Pea’s Lot in Life by T.D. Harvey
Glutton for Punishment by Rebekah Dodson
Unhinged by Matt Lovell
Red’s Wolf by Desiree L. Scott
Blow Your House Down by Michael Mill
The Tragedy at the Castle by C.H. Kelly
Off the Wall by Debbie Manber Kupfer
Benjamin Hubbard by Jason Derr
Hey Diddle Diddle by Debbie Manber Kupfer
Baba Yaga No More by Laura K. Cowan
Oz by Shannon McLoud
Chatterpillar by Matt Lovell
We’re All Mad Down Here by Rebekah Dodson
Beastly Bridegrooms Anonymous by Carina Bissett
To Hell with Cinderella, a poem, by Joi Miner

The Many Lives of Ruby Iyer: A story inspired by Bombay

by Laxmi Hariharan

Amazon Kindle

A girl desperate to rescue her best friend, a cop willing to do anything to save the city he serves, and a delusional doctor bent on its annihilation.
When Ruby Iyer’s best friend is kidnapped by the despotic Dr Kamini Braganza, she will do anything to rescue him. Anything, including taking the help of the unpleasant Vikram Roy, a cop on a mission to save Bombay. The city needs all the help it can get, and these two are the only thing standing between its total destruction by Doctor Braganza’s teen army. As Bombay falls apart around them, will Ruby be able to save her friend and the city? Will she finally discover her place in a city where she has never managed to fit in? And what about her growing feelings for Vikram?

Go visit Laxmi’s blog about Ruby at Young Adult Old Soul, or on Twitter @laxmi and @rubyiyer

91oP+TDYu3L._SL1500_ October
The Ruby Iyer Diaries: A Bombay Story
by Laxmi Hariharan

Amazon Kindle

The prelude to The Many Lives of Ruby Iyer: This novella is a peek into the soul of an angry, young girl, who will come of age in a city on the verge of total annihilation.

Go visit Laxmi’s blog about Ruby at Young Adult Old Soul, or on Twitter @laxmi and @rubyiyer

Precision Photoshop:Creating Powerful Visual EffectsOctober
Precision Photoshop: Creating Powerful Visual Effects
by Lopsie Schwartz

Amazon Paperback

The Essentials of Photoshop for Creative Professionals

There are plenty of books on Photoshop for photographers; for everyone else, there’s Precision Photoshop: Creating Powerful Visual Effects. In clear, conversational language using extensive images and screenshots, this book gives you in-depth guidance on learning how to use Photoshop. The author shares her practical knowledge and insider tips gleaned from years working on visual effects in the entertainment business.

Requiring no prior experience, the book first offers a step-by-step beginner’s tutorial on the main features of Photoshop, with the tutorial files available on the book’s CRC Press web page. It next shows you how to manage various assets, such as text, 3D, or HDRI files, and provides solutions to the most common questions asked by new Photoshop users. The author explains how to work with camera raw files and describes how to unlock your artistic potential through Photoshop’s powerful tools. She also covers more advanced tutorials involving higher concepts and specific source images, such as creating panoramas, high-contrast images, 3D effects, and motion.

Illustrating key techniques with examples of production-quality work, this book delves deep into aspects most important to creative professionals. Whether you’re a beginner or more experienced user, you will find precise instruction on critical elements of the workflow.

Visit Lopsie’s webpage and follow her on Twitter @TheRealLopsie

Bedeviled : Tales of the Macabre October
Bedeviled : Tales of the Macabre

by Cleve Sylcox

Amazon Kindle

From the depths of imagination these Macabre short stories and poems will take you on an emotional fright filled fun ride. Jack the Ripper, Vietnam, insanity of guilt, and the remorse of murder all are waiting for you.
Guilt – A mix of King and Poe as a man is driven insane by his burning desires.
The Drain – Confusion reigns as flood waters consume life and souls.
Darkness – Groundhog Day meets my favorite Martian.
Hidden – A cowboy saga.
The Dock – Jack the Ripper
Reflections – A vivid psychological portrayal of a Vietnam Vets plight with the insanities of mind and war.
The Haunting of Hathaway – An English oceanside estate is the setting for this encounter with spirit and demon.
The Thug – A 1940’s based story of a thug set on robbery and a man determined to live.
The Bogeyman – Children beware to lock your windows in this tale of soul and dream snatching.
Arsenic and the Trucker’s Wife – Murder should never be attempted by amateurs.
Room Number Three – Motel for murdered souls with a manager who likes to make his guest feel at home.
Run – A woman out for a jog – a ghost seeking to help her – an ex-husband out to kill her.
The Patting Hooves – A civil war soldiers tale.

See what else Cleve has up his sleeve, at his blog! Tell him I sent you…


Mr. Hendrix and the Troublesome Tennessee Topper (Book 4)
by AJ Foxx

Done in partnership with Literally Public Relations (London, England)

UK Publication
Amazon UK – Paperback

Mr Hendrix’s mischievous brother, Tennessee Topper, pays the Pomeranian Puppy a visit. Kitty is impressed with this apparently gracious new visitor, but Mr Hendrix knows better. While trying to encourage his brother to play nicely with Sid the Snake, Hippy Dippy Hedgehog and Kitty the Cat, Tennessee Topper gets up to all sorts of naughty things. Eventually, Mr Hendrix catches TT stealing Kitty’s diamante collar and encourages his brother to confess and apologise. But will TT learn his lesson?

Repeat OffenderSeptember
Repeat Offender
by Stance A Bingham

Paperback on Amazon
Amazon Kindle (coming soon)

It’s 1943 and John Monroe’s future was encased in The Delta Farm Prison, a life of turmoil, stress, and murder. He thought he had it all; a great job, and a loving marriage to his childhood sweetheart until the illusion shattered, sending his life spiraling out of control. Trust was a thing of the past and soon, John will struggle to find redemption in the most unlikely places.


 Learn more about Stance at K99   Listen to Stance from 3-7 pm Central time on iHeartRadio.com  or at K99 Country – Biloxi’s Continuous Country Station. 

Ratha: The Magic WithinSeptember
Ratha – The Magic Within: A Guardian Archives Novel – Book 1.5
by Jennifer Sage

Amazon Kindle

In Keltor, we know very little about the powerful sorceress named Ratha of Westmeath. She is a 1200 year old mortal who just so happens to be one of the most powerful sorceresses to ever walk the earth and her part in Keltor is so small but her connection to the main characters is so large. We have no idea where she was 1200 years ago or what brought her to the cave in Ireland where we meet her for the first and only time in Keltor.

Who was Logan’s father? How did Ratha of Westmeath stay alive for so long in her mortal shell and why was she concealed from the Guardians? What was her path and who was the lover that she remained faithful to through all of the centuries? Who was Ratha? We find out all of this as well as where we are heading in Dante. This is an erotic tale of love that defied the worlds and universal laws in general. Don’t miss this journey packed with sizzling heat and revelations of epic proportions. Books 2 and 3 (Dante) are scheduled for release in the fall of 2014.

Visit Jennifer Sage at her website, or follow her on Twitter @JenniferSage

Keltor: The Guardian Archives- Book 1
by Jennifer Sage

Amazon Kindle

NOTE: This is re-edited of the 2012 version and released September 9, 2014

Keltor is a Guardian of the light even though he exists nearly in Shadow, haunted by his past. His world, the world of the Guardians, is a dark reality that coexists in modern day with ours. Behind the warm veils of our lives a war rages against the Shadow Demons and the Guardians protect as much of humanity as they can, still believing in us as a race.

There is one person alive, a Keeper, who has within her the power to tilt the scales one way or another in this war. With the ability to damn the Light or the Dark and no knowledge of how to she is supposed to do either, Liz is nearly a helpless pawn. A pawn that is about to find herself completely powerless against a force greater than she has ever known.

A Guardian who lost his heart centuries ago. A female who has never really known her own. Laws that prevent them from ever finding solace in the other. Far different laws that prevent them from turning away.

A choice must be made and it’s one that could bring the most vile of Demons back from the seven hells. The Guardians are among us…and this one is forbidden fruit.

Visit Jennifer Sage at her website, or follow her on Twitter @JenniferSage

Letters to a Young GenerationSeptember
Letters to A Young Generation
by Amanda Wilson

Done in partnership with 9:10 Publishing (England) and Literally Public Relations (London, England)

Amazon Kindle

Letters to a Young Generation is a collection of 13 letters from men who understand what it’s like to be a black male growing up in the United Kingdom. Inspiring, humorous and most importantly honest, the writers of these letters share their experiences and words of wisdom with the boys who will become tomorrow’s generation of men.
Letters written by:

  • Mac Attram
  • Emile Carr
  • Julian Golding
  • Tony Harrison
  • Reverend Les Issac
  • Tony Jarrett
  • Clinton Jordan
  • David Lammy
  • Sheldon Thomas
  • Hugh Quarshie
  • Jacob Whittingham
  • Cleon Wilson
  • Ejike Wodu

a-very-british-afterlife-cover September
A Very British Afterlife
by Lee Brown

Amazon Kindle

Done in partnership with Literally Public Relations (London, England)

A modern day parable…just slightly askew.

For the first time in his life Vincent Dabney feels that everything is finally falling into place. Tragically just as he is about to propose to his girlfriend, his life is cut short 30 years too soon.

He finds himself within the Afterlife where he meets and offends God. Because of the insults and the fact that there is no final tally of his good and bad deeds, he must prove himself and job shadow various Saints and Angels. Disgruntled about his early entry into the Afterlife and separated from his girlfriend Vincent won’t take it lying down.

During his journey he’ll find out the answers to some deep philosophical questions such as the answers to life and death, should you have sympathy for the Devil, is Death really a Cockney called Harry and can God really hold a tune.

The LakeAugust
The Lake
by Tom Deady
A short story

Amazon Kindle

In February of 1978 a group of boys meet at the town lake for a pick-up hockey game. When a middle-school outcast shows up and bests the town bullies, things go tragically wrong. Years later, a man returns to the lake to face the memories that have haunted him since that fateful day. The Lake is a short story that will captivate the reader with its honesty and harsh reality.

Visit Tom on his website and on Twitter @DeadyTom

Wishing for WashingtonJune
Wishing for Washington
by Shelley Sly

Amazon Kindle

Getting grounded is the least of their worries… As punishment for playing doorbell ditch, twelve-year-old Tallia Thompson and her goofball brother Isaiah are shipped off to their grandparents’ house for half the summer. There’s nothing fun about being stuck in Maryland, a.k.a. Snore-a-land, except for one thing: the close proximity to Washington, D.C.

Tallia would do anything for Isaiah, and what he wants most is to meet the President of the United States. So together, they formulate a plan to get to the White House—a plan that involves spending a bit of money and concocting a bunch of lies. And, ultimately, a plan that ends up changing Tallia’s perception of her family forever.

Visit Shelley Sly on her website, and follow her on Twitter @shellsly

The Morrigan April
The Morrigan
by Jack Darkness

Amazon Kindle

Christopher O’Riley had never been to his homeland of Ireland before, but he had heard all the Irish tales in his family’s history. One tale in particular scared him throughout his childhood, The Bean-Sidhe, or the Wailing Ghost. He had traveled to Ireland because of the passing of his grandmother, who had instilled the fear of the Irish Fairy Folk in him at a young age, to claim the homestead willed to him. This Was the last time he would see his Home of America, and when he’d really believe in the Fae.

mr hendrix book 3February
Mr Hendrix and the Heroic Rescue
(Book 3)
by AJ Foxx


Done in partnership with Literally Public Relations

Will Mr Hendrix be able to save Sir Samuel the Second’s daughter when she falls into danger?

Martha Toole February
The Life and Remembrances of Martha Toole
by Jason Derr

Amazon Kindle
A novella.

The Hammer family of Hammer Fields, Virginia, do not know what to expect when elderly matriarch Martha Toole comes for a visit. Only the eldest son, John David Hammer, a painter and lover of family history, seems to enjoy her presence. The family is thrown into deeper distress when, during a visit to the old homeplace, John David and Martha Toole are followed home by the ghost of Martha Toole’s youth.

ShadesofFear February 
Shades of Fear- A Charity Anthology

Amazon Kindle
Paperback available also on Amazon

Fears are stories we tell ourselves. These fears exist everywhere: in our minds, in our neighborhoods, and in all the places beyond. Come with us as our 22 writers take you deep into their world of fears, exposing the vulnerable spots in each writer’s soul. What strikes fear in their hearts will haunt you.
Including stories by : Author Desiree Scott, Author Tom Deady, Author K Webster, Author rJo Herman, Author T.D. Harvey, Author Maria Sauerbrei, Author Krista Redmayne, Author Kerry E.B. Black, Author Laura K. Cowan, Author Jack Darkness, Author S.M. Lowry, Author Joi Miner, Author Matt Lovell, Author BB Raven, Author Stance A. Bingham, Author D.K. Cassidy, Author Michael Mill, Author Roxanna Mitchell, Author Shannon McLoud, Author C. Lloyd Brill, Author Adriel Reed, Author Debbie Manber Kupfer. Cover design and artwork by Mika Sugano.
All proceeds of this charity anthology go to benefit pediatric cancer research and patient care.


411TvnEBg0L._SY344_PJlook-inside-v2,TopRight,1,0_SH20_BO1,204,203,200_ June
Perfect Score : Part 1 — Full Court Press
by Roxanna Mitchell

Available on Amazon Kindle

Paperback also available on Amazon

Nichola Bradford, a history writer, has been without a relationship for a few years and has drifted into a life of simple existence, utter loneliness and apathy at her appearance. Brian, the owner of the Last Drop Coffee Company and Nikki’s tenant, persuades her to start taking care of herself. Embracing the change, she meets tall, dark and handsome attorney/sports agent, James McDowell, who shakes her very essence and makes her want a man again. But will Jamie want just a drive by and not the exclusivity she so desperately desires? Jamie, a member of the imaginary Manwhore, Inc., is tired of one-night stands and seeks something more. Can this high-powered and successful businessman find happiness with a former mopey chick? Their two worlds collide. Can they rebound their relationship for a Perfect Score?

Conversations With... January
Conversations With… Sideways Journeys with My Children

by Kevin G.J. Freels


Those who have long believed nurture is stronger than nature, rejoice! Your proof is at hand. Kevin Freels and his wife Lynne tried for years to have a family, but when science could not help, they adopted two children from Taiwan, first their son Paden, and a year later, their daughter Emma. Over the years, these two children whose genetics and birth culture could not have been more different from their parents’, have grown into what their friends and family have conceded is a perfect blend of Kevin and Lynne’s personalities and character – Kevin’s intelligence and warped humor, and Lynne’s outspokenness and tenacity. Paden and Emma’s views on life are at once amusing, insightful, absurd, and downright spot on. Over the years Kevin has recorded their conversations and sent them out via email and Facebook for friends and family to enjoy. I’m so pleased that he has gathered them all together into a book, as it gets harder and harder to track down a specific post to share with a friend or coworker. I hope you enjoy this collection of priceless gems – they are laugh-out-loud funny, and much easier to share with friends than posts from “Darn You Autocorrect.”

A Fortnight of Snow: The Journey Begins (Penny Snow) (Volume 1)
by Mr. Eddie Bean


Ancient typewriters on bookshelf image courtesy of teaching literacy

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