2021 A to Z: Letter F…Weird Holidays

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2021 A to Z: Letter F

is for

Frozen Dead Guy Days (Nederland, CO)

Grandpa Bredo Morstøl

The legend of the Frozen Dead Guy goes something like this: Grandpa Bredo , a skier, painter and mountain lover from Norway, passed away in 1989. He was literally packed in dry ice and sent to the states to be with his family.

“After he died, things got really interesting. Instead of a burial, he was packed in dry ice and prepared for international travel. First, he was shipped to the Trans Time cryonics facility in Oakland, California, where he was placed in liquid nitrogen for almost four years. Then, he was moved to Colorado in 1993 to stay with his daughter, Aud Morstøl,  and his grandson, Trygve Bauge, both strong advocates for cryonics who hoped to start a facility of their own,” says the celebration’s website

The “Ice Man”

According to the Frozen Dead Guy Days website, every month, Shaffer and a team of volunteers delivered 1,600 pounds of dry ice and packs it around Grandpa Bredo in his sarcophagus, surrounded by foam padding, a tarp, and blankets. As the Cryonicist-in-Charge at the time, Shaffer kept Grandpa at a steady -60 degrees Fahrenheit. That job is now held by Brad Wickham, who is committed to Grandpa’s preservation and possible reanimation.

Jane Curtis Gazit, of Keep Magnolia Clean, LLC, arranges blocks of dry ice in the freezer that holds the casket of Grandpa “Bredo Morstoel” on Monday, Oct. 22, in Nederland. For a video on how Grandpa Bredo Morstoel is kept frozen go to http://www.dailycamera.com Jeremy Papasso/ Camera

Trygve, who receives a share of the proceeds from festival-led tours of Grandpa Bredo’s shed, dubbed it “Cryonics’ first Mardi Gras,” according to the Frozen Dead Guy Days website. Popular events include Ice Turkey Bowling, the Parade of Hearses, Tuff Shed Coffin Races, frozen t-shirt contests, snowy beach volleyball, and the Salmon Toss.

Check out the Frozen Dead Guy Days 2019 Video!

Maybe one day Grandpa Bredo, awaiting the day when the wonders and advances of science can revive him, can come back and oversee the Frozen Dead Guy Days three-day weekend every March! Although he will have to wait till March 2022 since this year’s event is on ice.

Find out more at the FDGD website, or follow on Twitter

Featured image: “F is for Flag” from Digital Synopsis, created by UK based graphic designers Liam + Jord

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