Language and Grammar in the News… Week of March 8, 2015

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I’m trying something new and different for the blog.  I’ve been fascinated by some stories that are coming through the news feeds and thought I’d post the links here for my readers to enjoy, and perhaps learn something.  I hope to make this a weekly or bi-weekly event, so please leave a message and let me know if you enjoy.

Here goes…the premiere issue of  Language and Grammar in the News

From the Lowell Sun (Lowell, Massachusetts)- March 6, 2015

Irish author’s quest to revive native language launches cultural week in Lowell

Irish author Feargal Mac Ionnrachtaigh talked about the revival of the Irish language at UMass Lowell’s University Crossing.  He spoke about the slow decline of the Irish language in the 19th century due to colonization and famine, and then the abrupt revival of the language in recent decades by political Irish prisoners. The revival of the Irish language in the homeland — Gaeilge, or Gaelic as it’s often called here in the states — has developed into a serious cultural shift in recent decades and represents the recapturing of one of the oldest languages on the planet.

Do you feel the rhythm? Or a French rythme, Spanish ritmo, Swedish rytm, Russian ритм (ritm) or Japanese rizumu? Is there a difference? Perhaps one way to find out is to have a French conversation, German konversation, Spanish conversación, or Italian conversatione? Doing so will of course reveal many differences, but languages of the world also share much, just as these words demonstrate.

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