Cover Reveal for ONE HUNDRED THIRTY STARS by Shelley Sly

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I’m thrilled to share with you the cover of the latest middle grade fiction novel by Shelley Sly.  If you remember, I had a hand in her previous middle grade fiction novel, Wishing for Washington.

I have nothing to do with this new one coming out, except for sharing the great cover by Steven Novak, of Novak Illustration, and the blurb.  If your kids like video games and a strong female protagonist, this is for you!

If you visit Shelley’s blog, Stories in the Ordinary, be sure to tell her I sent you…

And now, without further adieu, here is the cover and the blurb.

Eleven-year-old Kelly “Birdie” Knotts has the perfect summer vacation planned: she’s finally going to visit her dad, Arthur. Birdie hardly knows him, but she has high hopes that he’ll be the one family member who understands her.

Too bad her vacation is nothing like she imagined it would be.

Arthur’s plans for their father-daughter visit revolve around a video game convention, where he dresses head-to-toe in costume and makes a boisterous scene every chance he gets. When he isn’t shouting gleefully in the hallways, he’s belting out off-pitch tunes in the karaoke room. Birdie’s new plan? Hide under a rock for life.

It’s impossible for Birdie to get to know Arthur when he insists that he’s a video game character. And if he doesn’t step up and start acting like a dad, it might be game over.

Good Luck Shelley!

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