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I have “editors butt” and am going to look for pomodoro to keep me focused…SQUIRREL!

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As many of you know, I work from home as a freelance copy editor and writer. It is a job that suits me, in a location and format that REALLY suits me: no office politics, no colleagues dropping by to bore me with monologues about the latest exploits of their incredible uniquely named children, no listening to the guy in the next cubicle eating a bag of baby carrots with his mouth open or the perfume-soaked receptionist having another scream-fest with her ex-boyfriend over the phone.

“…and in just a moment, I’m going to have some raw carrots!”

I am by nature a pretty focused and organized person, but every so often, for whatever reason, I have what another freelancing friend of mine calls a “SQUIRREL! day” where for the life of me I can’t keep my mind on my task for more than a second.

This is, of…

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