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I’ve started to collect names of reviewers, with blogs and genre type to put into a spreadsheet. I have found lately, doing a bit of Book PR for Literally PR [ ] that I have a hard time remembering who reviews what genre and where their blogs are located.

I’ve spent some time in the past months making some great social media contacts, including those fabulous talk show hosts at Authors on the Air [ a special hello to Pam Stack of Authors on the Air with Pam Stack, Lucie Dunn of Author Spotlight with Lucie Dunn and Misty Rayburn of the top shelf book publicity and resources ! ] and have decided to ask you, the WordPress-verse, if you are a blogger / book reviewer and you want to be part of the spreadsheet, please leave me your information here.  Once I find a book that matches your genre/s, I’ll be in touch.  You can find me on twitter @BookDoctorDara.

My good friends at @Bibliocrunch run an #indiechat every tuesday night on twitter, and the topics are always fascinating.  @Miral Sattar was kind enough to point me to a list of Indie Reviewers, on The Indie Book Review [].

So, pick your poison.. what’s your pleasure ? Is it murder/ thriller / psychological suspense?  Are you a romantic at heart ? What about steampunk ? Magical Realism ? Paranormal ? Womens’ Fiction? Historical Fiction ? Tell me… what keeps you up at night under the covers with a flashlight?
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And for those of you who are authors, and wondering how a blog reviewer can help you, check out Alan Rinzler’s article “Book Bloggers can help sell your book: Tips for authors

Happy Reading and Reviewing!

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