Distee: An eBook Revolution

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Distee may be the wave of the future for one stop flat fee e-book distribution model.

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Distee: An eBook Revolution

Next generation eBook distribution platform launches flat-fee model


“Your eBooks in all the biggest online stores in just 3 clicks! Amazon, Apple, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Sony, Waterstones and more!”

Distee is created and managed by publishers and technology entrepreneurs in London and offers a unified global distribution service.


London, United Kingdom, April 2014: Small press, publishing houses and indie authors will save thousands each year by switching to Distee. The new eBook distribution platform first came to attention of the publishing industry at the London Book Fair (8-10 April 2014).

Distee is a one-stop, global, eBook distribution, metadata and revenue management platform. There are no long-term contracts and a flat fee of just £6.99 per book, per month.

Distee is already attracting attention for its technology and data transparency as well as its groundbreaking flat fee and 100% net royalty distribution model. Revolutionising…

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