Say Howdy to Stance Bingham

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Meet Stance, radio personality, author… My friend.


Stance Bingham

Today on Paws4Thought I am happy to welcome Shades of Fear author and radio presenter Stance Bingham. Tell us a little bit about yourself Stance.
I was born in the Mississippi Delta in Greenwood. My father is a retired highway patrolman. I played trombone in the Greenwood High School band and won every award that was available. I was also placed in the International High School Hall of Fame.

I was the Louisiana State Director for the International Tae Kwon Do Federation (3rd Degree) for a number of years as a much younger man. I was also a 1st degree in Tang Soo Do. All of my black belts come from J.C. Penny these days.

I had a twin brother, Stanley, who passed away in 2002. We had bands together through grade school until his passing. I was his bass player. He was a great guitarist. I started doing radio…

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