Infographic: Science behind writing drunk and editing sober

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Thanks to our editing friends in Australia, The Expert Editor, for this infographic.

In this interesting article from The Guardian, “Why do writers drink?”  Kingsley Amis in, “– comparing writers to actors – suggests “displaced stage fright as a cause of literary alcoholism. A writer’s audience is and remains invisible to him, but if he is any good he is acutely and continuously aware of it, and never more so while it waits for him to come on, to begin p.1. Alcohol not only makes you less self-critical, it reduces fear.” According to Amis, a large glass can supply “that final burst of energy at the end of the day” but should be avoided any earlier: “The writer who writes his books on, rather than between, whisky is a lousy writer. He is probably American anyway.”

Courtesy of: The Expert Editor

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