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snoopy-autumn-dancesnoopy comic copyright charles schultz and peanuts.

Happy Fall! 

Wow, where did the summer go? I spent part of it chained to the desk, and part of it spending time with the family.

If you are wondering why the blog has been rather stale, then check out the latest on the “Coming Soon” page, and I’ve also updated my Bookshelf with the latest books that have been published.

Please visit all the marvelous authors I’ve been working with, they all have wonderful things to tell you!

I can also let you in on a few secrets:  I’m putting some finishing touches on two books, one is a Faery Tale Therapy Anthology for charity (The Izzy Foundation) done with the same crowd who did Shades of Fear.

Pick Your Poison: A Faery Tale Therapy AnthologyAlso, new author, Stance Bingham will bring you into the world of 1940s Mississippi Delta, in Repeat Offender, an inside look at the prison system.  The cover is being finalized, otherwise I would be sure to give you a sneak peek. – I can tell you that the fabulous Nelson Blanton of Stylehouse Productions took the cover photograph, it’s sure to draw you into the story!

Hoping you will get to see the second novella from my client Jason Derr shortly, his Spirit Animals is a wonderful read. If you enjoyed The Life and Remembrances of Martha Toole and his Boston 395, you shouldn’t miss this one.

And… I have another something up my sleeve, that is very hush hush. I promise to reveal all when I am able to.

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