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Great thoughts from an editor re the query process and what happens when they ask for your full manuscript

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From the Desk of...

Last time I was here, I wrote about deal breakers, things authors can do to ensure they don’t get a full request or a contract offer. Today, I’m going to talk a bit about what happens when an editor sends that much anticipated email: Please send me the full!

I can already hear the gasps and the jaws hitting the floor. But…what do you mean, Kara? If an editor asks for the full, you email it!

And you’d be correct.

Unfortunately, that often doesn’t happen. Yes, I know. Hard to believe, right? Allow me to share the top 3 responses I get when I send a full request, and then I’ll explain why these are very, very bad.

  1. The Cricket Response – This is when my request goes unanswered, and I spend days, weeks, months waiting… The sounds of crickets on my end becomes deafening. I’ve had this happen a…

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