Dimension-Shifting Mice, Redemptive Ghosts, Werecats and Nazis: A Guest Post and Interview with Laura Cowan

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I love when the blog tour comes through. I especially love when the author, Laura Cowan, does such an amazing job personalizing each blog guest post for each place she stops. Kudos Laura, and good luck with the Music of Sacred Lakes!


Today on Paws4Thought I’m pleased to welcome Laura Cowan. Laura stopped by to chat with me on her blog tour celebrating the release of her new fantasy novel, Music of Sacred Lakes. Laura and I have worked on a number projects together of late and she begins by talking a little bit about these.


There is just nothing like the stories being published these days. Genre-bending fantasy is top of my list, as an author and as a reader. Take the work that you and I have coming out this year, for a quick example. We’re both taking part in a historical horror anthology called Sins of the Past, where your story Griddlebone, about genetically modified werecats fighting Nazis, and my story Good Puritan, about a preacher laid out on the meetinghouse floor by visions of the devil and suspected of himself being possessed, can play side…

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