Timeless Picture Books – Not just for Pre-Readers Anymore

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I was reading through my usual list of blogs, with my morning coffee, and came across Publisher’s Weekly take on Timeless Picture Books by Elizabeth Bluemle. 

The beginning of the blog post just totally grabbed me…
Recently, I wrote a blog post (Are We Rushing Kids Out of Picture Books?) about the way children are pushed toward chapter books at younger and younger ages. The topic struck a nerve; thoughtful comments poured in. Then at the ABC Children’s Institute in San Antonio earlier this month, I was on a panel discussing this topic (Selling Picture Books in the Wake of Age Compression) with several other children’s booksellers and librarians, and the room was overflowing and the conversation energetic. Clearly, this is a subject people feel passionate about!

Follow the link below to finish reading this fascinating article… and remember, don’t always put your picture books away when they are older. You never know what magic might happen.


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