A Book Cover Designer’s Take on the Good, the Bad and the Beautiful

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Be specific with your cover artist. Tell them what you like, and especially what you don’t like. Enjoy the experience. It is a memory you will take with you in life, always.

Anaiah Press

By Kayelle Allen, cover designer for Anaiah Press and owner of The Author’s Secret


You’ve just gotten an email telling you your book’s cover is ready. You’ve waited for this for months. You’ve labored over the book, the words, the editing, the interviews, bio, promotions, and now it’s come down to this. The cover you hope will grab your readers, represent your characters, and sell your story. You open the email, one eye closed, hoping it’s everything you dreamed it could be…

 That anticipation is something cover designers feel as well. We’ve read the blurbs, the cover requests, the author bio, the publisher requirements, and we’ve paged through the stock art we’re allowed to use. The final image you are about to open is the culmination of what we hope will be a cover you can be proud of, and that will garner you sales. We want you to show…

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