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Writing From The Heart: Turning 50 & Not Having Children Does NOT Make Me Invisible

American Expat in London, journalist Sonja Lewis, has created inspiring women’s fiction tackling polemic subjects of faith & family, womanhood & motherhood (from a child-free perspective)

The Barrenness (2011)

The Blindsided Prophet (2013)

Fiction that encourages women to talk from the heart…

Tracey Emin recently said: “Being 50 is being in a strange place. I am on top of the mountain and the summit is very tiny and very spindly. It takes every bit of strength just to stay on top”.

Many women, apparently, feel that they become invisible in their 50s. Sonja Lewis wholeheartedly disagrees, and her philosophy about life, ageing, relationships, womanhood, motherhood and otherhood are manifested in her fictional tales that are attracting attention on both sides of the Atlantic.

Sonja Lewis, born in Georgia, United States…

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