Advance Information Sheet for The Sword of Moses by Dr Dominic Selwood

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Published at the end of 2013, The Sword of Moses is definitely the best book I’ve read this year. Can’t wait for Templarmania to come out later this year. 2014.

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The Sword of Moses 

Publication: 1st December 2013 

“The adrenalin-charged new novel from Dr Dominic Selwood. Where fiction and truth collide.”


Action Thriller — Espionage — Archaeology — Codes & Ciphers — The Bible — Knights Templar — Nazis — Secret Societies — The Occult


Five things you should know about this book:

1. The Sword of Moses is ‘a thinking person’s Da Vinci Code’.

2. The brainy, feisty, kick-ass hero is a woman called Ava.

3. A huge amount of historical trivia about hundreds of subjects is sewn into a multifaceted and thrilling adventure story.

4. The author of the book expects it will challenge a lot of people’s fundamental beliefs, especially about the Bible, sparking controversy and debate – and he’s happy to join in the discussion!

5. The Telegraph has called 2013 the year of the huge book … and this is certainly…

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