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FINAL EDITS complete on Trusted Talents by Edward J. Branley (Survivor of the Red Pen)

Very Happy to announce that the FINAL EDITS on Trusted Talents (Book 2 in the Bayou Talents Series) have been returned to author Edward Branley. Can’t wait for you to read / see what Ren, Mike, and the gang have been up to in New Orleans and the world.

I can’t wait for you to meet all the new characters as well. Please let me know what you think of Kate Farrington, Evelyn Barton, and especially Brooks Stirling Sumner. I don’t want to give too much away, but check out this little snippet…

“Right. I need you to evacuate the courtyard and the shop. I need to burn this place down,” Meg said to Bubba and Ren.
“Huh?” Bubba asked.
“Spider on the counter in the shop,” Ren said.
“That’s not a spider, that’s a radiation-enhanced spider from a bad sixties movie!” Meg exclaimed.
“This is a Spanish-Colonial house that dates back to the 1790s. You can’t burn it down,” Ren said, calmly.
“Watch. Me.” Meg replied.
“How about we go check this thing out?” Bubba asked.
“OK, but only because you have a gun and can shoot it,” Meg agreed.
They went into the carriage house, the part of the house facing Chartres Street. Bubba led the way, followed by Ren. Meg stayed in the courtyard, peeking in the doorway.
A huge spider sat on the glass display case where the cash register was located.
“That’s a big bug,” Bubba observed.
“Shoot it!” Meg urged.
“The wife said she saw a rat the other day and she made a ‘fear-induced butt diamond.’ It didn’t make sense at the time. Now I get what she meant,” Bubba said.
Ren started to chuckle. Meg punched his shoulder.
Kate Farrington walked up on the third punch.
“Why are you beating on the poor guy?” She asked.
“Because he’s laughing at me!” Meg said.
“No, I’m laughing because you want Bubba to shoot the spider—ow!” Ren said, as Meg punched his arm again.
Kate stepped into the shop and stood next to Bubba.
“She’s scared,” Kate observed.
Bubba squeezed her hand and stepped back.
“Hi, there. They’re scared, too. Yes, of you. Do you think you can get down and go in the courtyard?” Kate asked the spider.
Time froze for a moment. The spider circled the counter, then crawled down the side. Ren moved further into the shop, with Meg following him. The spider now had a clear path out of the shop. It crawled through the doorway, headed to the back wall of the courtyard.
“Where did you come from?” Meg asked Kate.
“Soccer practice,” Kate said.
“No, I meant what planet, but—wait, soccer practice? Don’t y’all practice in City Park?” Meg continued.
“Yeah. I ran down here,” Kate replied.
“That’s a nice run,” Ren added.
“Y’all are crazy, all that running,” Meg said, laughing.

Be sure to check out the cover art by the quite Talented (see what I did there?) Elizabeth Person.

If you want to catch up in the story before you get to Book 2, you can find Hidden Talents on Amazon.

Coming soon to your bookshelf! I’ll keep you posted on when it hits.
BONUS note: 

Elizabeth also created the cover art for Edward’s YA novel, Dragon’s Discovery (Book 2 of the Blood Bound series).


All material copyright 2018 Edward Branley
Artwork by Elizabeth Person
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Cover Reveal for Daughters of Night Series by Ashley Torbeck

Hi Everyone. I’m happy to be a part of the cover reveal from Author Ashley Torbeck’s Daughter of Night Series. Hope you enjoy…

Imagine the world you know being ripped away from you, and suddenly you realize all the fairy tales and scary stories just might be true…
The only thing Carmen really wanted was to live a normal life, but when the man of her dreams turns her into a monster and she learns of her witchcraft heritage, she said goodbye to normal and entered the world of the Daughters of Night.
Daughters of Night: Sanctuary
Life is hard. Death is harder. But for Carmen, the two go hand-in-hand.
Just when Carmen thinks her life is looking up, fate steps in and forces her into a life or death decision. Literally. Choosing to follow the guidance of her soulmate Gaviyn, Carmen breaks a centuries old curse and learns to live life as a vampire and a witch. With so many unanswered questions and hidden truths, though, Carmen keeps learning new facts about the past that only leave her with more questions. But the dangers are far from over as the pair is hunted by The Eradicators-whose goal is Carmen’s eternal demise. Gavin and Carmen seek out Sanctuary-a coven of misfit vampires and witches-in the battle for all their lives, and only the greatest sacrifice can save them all.
Daughters of Night: Possession
Taking refuge in the Colorado Mountains, Carmen and Gaviyn finally have it all. Friends, followers, and the family they had always dreamed of. But when a new vampire coven threatens to destroy Carmen’s family and release an evil with a thirst for blood upon the world by consuming Carmen’s mind, body, and soul, the vampires and witches of Sanctuary find themselves at war again. The key to Carmen’s salvation from the grips of a powerful demon, however, lies with a girl that none have ever met. With Carmen’s possession growing stronger by the minute, it’s a race against time to find the mystery girl and save Carmen before the demon consumes her – and still find Damien – before it’s too late.
Daughters of Night: Tribulation
After all that Carmen has been through, there is nothing she won’t do for her family. Nothing.
With Damien still missing and the new vampire coven still on the prowl for Carmen’s blood, Carmen goes looking for trouble, and finds more than she bargained for. Carmen’s sudden disappearance forces Gaviyn to make some changes at Sanctuary-one of which will change the course of their coven, and pave the way for the future of Sanctuary. Damien, after being tortured to the brink of death over and over again, finally finds an ally, but she’s hiding a secret that Damien might not be able to forgive. With more twists, turns, and loops than a roller coaster, Carmen and Gaviyn work with some surprising new friends to save Damien and defeat the wicked coven-and their tyrannical High Priestess-once and for all, while Damien tries to survive the torture and find his way back home. But as always, sacrifice is the name of the game, and this time, it may be a sacrifice nobody is willing to make.
About the Author

An avid reader and sarcasm specialist, Ashley’s quirky and bubbly personality stems from the vast amount of information she crammed into her head as a child. No genre was off limits, but she developed a fondness for Stephen King books early on. Of course, growing up in Eastern Kentucky, life moved a little slower, so books became her closest friends.

Fast forward a few years, and the vast insanity that surrounded Ashley became her life. In January 2009, she married the only person on Earth as insane as herself, and they now reside in Louisville, Kentucky, patiently awaiting the zombie apocalypse while she taps away at the laptop with a plethora of stories to keep you entertained.

Stalker Links for Ashley
Facebook (Author Page) –
Facebook (Character Page: Damien Hartford) –
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