Maps: European Literary London

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I thought this was really neat. I like how it’s a live map and you can click through and read the items in original language. Click here to go to the map of European Literary London, and have fun traveling through all the different books, poems, and films, among others.

The “about” says:

Welcome to London: A city whose cultural depth and diversity has grasped the attention of authors and artists for centuries. This interactive map acts as a guide to London through the eyes of Europe’s literary, musical, artistic and scientific minds.

Each map marker signifies a London location as described in a book, poem, song, or film. Click on one of the colourful dots to read the corresponding excerpt in its original language, plus an English translation. There’s also additional information and links for you to explore further. You can also filter the map for the language of your choice – by clicking on “Themes” in the top menu.

As you get to know London, be sure to visit these locations in person and experience the capital through the lens of European culture and thought.

Last but not least: this is a live map. We will continue to add locations for months to come. Have a suggestion of your own? Do get in touch!

Featured image courtesy of Dorothy and her Book Map

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