Literary Maps of Texas

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In the fall of 1955, the Texas and Local History Department of the Dallas Public Library published a literary map of Texas. From “Mother Goose on the Rio Grande” in the south to “The Great Roundup” in the north, the map highlights the variety of works about Texas. Scattered within the outline of the state are approximately 200 titles, authors’ names, and publishers, offering a 1955 view of the literary state of Texas.

Map courtesy of the Library of Congress

Another literary map of Texas resides at the University of North Texas (UNT), part of their Portal of Texas History exhibit. Map of a selection of Texas authors and book titles, scattered across a map of the state. Illustrations of traditional Texana motifs, such as a roadrunner, a yucca, and a longhorn, have also been adapted from This Bitterly Beautiful Land (Lowman) and included.

Hudgins, Lois A.; Brown, Kenneth; Whitehead, Barbara & Holman, William R. 1976.

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