The Poetry Fox

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Welcome to Word Wednesday. I know I usually give you a “word of the day”, but today, I give you a fox who writes words.

While trolling the Internet, one never knows what one might find that is fun, or silly, or just a mix of both. The other day I found “The Poetry Fox“. His about page says “I bang out custom, on-demand poems on vintage typewriters. Also, I’m a giant fox.”

I thought it fit just right with last week’s “Vintage Typewriter” theme, especially since he uses a Royal.

Follow him on Instagram, or visit his website, The Poetry Fox to book the Poetry Fox for an event or commission a special poem.

Photos courtesy of the Instagram and website of @ThePoetryFox.

PS: Happy Last day of March! Keep an eye on the blog, one never knows what kind of A to Z challenge will show up for April!

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