Dancing on Typewriter Keys, 1937

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In 1937’s “Ready Willing and Able” movie features Ruby Keeler and Lee Dixon dancing on the typewriter keys, during the song “Too Marvelous for Words” written by Johnny Mercer.

Here’s a photo taken a few moments earlier or later that Robert Messenger put up on his blog:

Original caption: Ace Cameraman Sol Polito and dance Director Bobby Connelly give a final once-over to the splendid support offered by the Chroines to Ruby Keeler, star of Ready, Willing and Able, the new Warner Brothers picture which will be released soon. — Image by © Underwood & Underwood/Corbis

Note: Ruby Keeler is a legend to the film industry being a part of the first ever movie with sound with then to be husband Al Jolson in The Jazz Singer. 

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