James Thurber Cartoon: “I’m So Glad You’re a Writer…”

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While doing research for the Give A Lick: Literary Postage Stamps – Humorists Ogden Nash and James Thurber post,  I wanted to share with you some of Thurber’s cartoons. However, I thought it would get lost in the middle of the philately*.

So, as an added Friday Fun! bonus…

Here’s the “I’m so glad you’re a writer — I’m just full of themes and ideas” cartoon for your enjoyment.


Wordsmith Bingo Bonus! [or Word Wednesday on a Friday]




The collection and study of postage stamps, postmarks, and related materials; stampcollecting.

[French philatélie : Greek phil-, philo-, philo- + Greek ateleia, exemption from payment(because a postage stamp indicates prepayment of postage) (a-, without; see a-1 + telos, tax,charge; see telə- in Indo-European roots).]


And, in case you want to see the rest of the series…

Dorothy Parker and John Steinbeck
Flannery O’Connor and Ralph Ellison


Philately definition courtesy of American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fifth Edition. (2011).

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