‘Ageless Women, Timeless Wisdom’ Launches in Pasadena

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On Saturday, April 16th, I had the pleasure of going to Pasadena for the launch of Dr. Lois P. Frankel’s book, Ageless Women, Timeless Wisdom: Witty, Wicked and Wise Reflections on Well-Lived Lives.

Ageless Women, Timeless Women: Witty, Wicked and Wise Reflections on Well-Lived Lives

What made Saturday more exciting was that I finally got to meet Lisa Graves, who illustrated this book. I have worked with Lisa in the past on her History Witch coloring books, and it was just wicked awesome to chat and share a glass (or two) of champagne #bubbles! [And, for those of you who worry, I brought my handsome husband along, so there was no driving for me!]

Lisa Graves and I. Cheers!

Lisa’s illustrations highlight the stories and the quotations. It ties the whole book together in gorgeous muted watercolors. I love everything she does.

Lisa introduced me to Dr. Lois, and [disclaimer] I edited this book. [/disclaimer]. It has to have been one of my all-time favorite books to edit, so thank you Lisa and Dr. Lois for letting me be a part of this project.

Focusing on women over 70, including some centenarians, Dr. Lois photographed and interviewed women around the world. She collected their advice, reflections and memories, capturing it in Ageless Women, Timeless Wisdom for future generations.

At the event, it was heartwarming to see and meet some of the women that were featured in the book. They all have led such interesting and fascinating lives. One can learn so much just by listening to their stories.  The beauty of editing this, for me, was the deep connection and emotion that came from reading the stories and their quotations.

Photo portraits of the women featured in the book


Stacks of books – notice the photo placed next to it?


Quotation with illustration by Lisa Graves

I must mention the Women’s City Club of Pasadena, where the launch was held. Built in 1905, the Blinn House is a cultural landmark, and on the National Register of Historic Places.  Warm mahogany and oak, with wisteria motif throughout, including the gorgeous fireplace and leaded-glass accents, made this a warm and inviting place to relax and enjoy.

The historic Blinn House


Cultural Landmark


Blinn House Fireplace – photo courtesy of  http://www.blinnhouse.org


The fused glass artwork in the Blinn House

The food was spectacular as well.  I’m not ashamed to admit to you I would have eaten the entire platter of grapes rolled in goat cheese and walnuts, if I could have. Delectable.  They also served salmon crepes, endive with herb and cream cheese dollop, Greek chicken skewers with yogurt dip, and beef sliders, among other items. There were “book cover” cookies for dessert.  What a great idea to remind you of the sweet time you had at the launch.

Ageless Women, Timeless Wisdom book and matching cookie cover


The ‘book cover’ cookies. They were almost too good to eat.

If you are looking for a book to have on the coffee table, to celebrate your mom, your grandmother, your sisters, or your daughters, I promise you, you won’t be disappointed. Keep one, give one as a gift. You can find it to purchase at the following locations.

Crafty Sisters Collection – where you can also ask for Dr. Lois to inscribe it personally, or on Amazon.

Also, be sure to check out Dr. Lois Frankel, and Lisa Graves as well, on her History Witch page, and Amazon.

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