Filthy Creatures by David Williams

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Be sure to check out Filthy Creatures by David Williams. Big book launch coming in July… don’t miss out.

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Advance Information Sheet

Filthy Creatures by David Williams

Publication: July 2014


“It is a cloudburst of laughter – you get drenched really quickly!”

(Humorous Poetry)


A Filthy Synopsis

Filthy Creatures gives the reader a poetic tour of some of God’s best-loved and most hated creatures, highlighting some of their naughtiest traits. Not for the faint hearted or less earthy of human creatures, David Williams tends to take sides with the animals and their plight. You probably won’t want to read this to your children, but don’t be surprised if your children want to read it before you!


About The Author

David Williams is a chartered surveyor and has been at the same firm since 1982 where he started in the marketing department ‘prepping’ the advertisements for Country Life. Educated intermittently at Harrow School, he went straight to work, and is immersed in assisting Argent LLP in the…

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