My Students’ Top Ten “Essential Digital Reading Tools” List by Sara Kajder

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Some great apps listed here. Some I don’t know… I’m going to go look them up.

Nerdy Book Club

From the first day of class in August, students in Room 6 work to develop their identities as readers.  And, as eighth graders who have had a variety of experiences which have shaped their identities and Some enter our room with their “Books to Read” list in-hand, ready to pillage the shelves of our classroom library.   Others have struggled through a choice or two from the summer reading list and push back when I describe that our English class will require on-going, self-directed and highly-engaged independent reading.   It is usually the membership of this second group who are the most surprised when we begin using a variety of apps and digital tools to support their work as readers, as the thought of using Vine or Instagram in English class both disrupts their expectations and leads them to rethink the ways in which readers choose texts, make meaning and share their…

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