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Ever wonder what happens with the Monster Under the Bed? Check out my friend Roxie Herman and learn more about her story “Sleep Tight” in the Shades of Fear Anthology.



Today on Paws4Thought I welcome Shades of Fear author Roxie Herman. Roxie’s story Sleep Tight is a new take on the monster under the bed. Tell us a little bit about yourself, Roxie.

I am a Mother of one great daughter, Grandmother of twin seven year olds, Ryan (girl) and Max (boy). I grew up in the west, California, New Mexico, and have lived in Colorado since I was 13, with only a short stint at Eastern New Mexico University in 1970, where I thought I’d become the next Mary Leakey, and discover the true missing link.  That dream never came true.  I’m not big on camping, which seems essential for finding fossils in the field.

I write under the name rJo Herman…my maiden name is Roxanne Jo Herman…my father’s name is/was John O Herman…so rJo Herman has a little of me and a little of my ol’ Dad, who…

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