Killing Your Protagonist – Or At Least Trying To / Author Vic DiGenti (aka Parker Francis)

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If you write suspense, thriller, or serial killer.. this blog post is for you. Author Vic DiGenti (aka Parker Francis) talks about Killing your protagonist.

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What makes us keep turning the pages? The same thing that makes us watch a train wreck. Award-winning author Vic DiGenti shares with us how he beats up his protagonists and how, if they didn’t have to appear in the next book, he would probably just go ahead and kill them. 

Try some of Vic DiGenti’s techniques in your own writing and see if you can’t create some extra page-turning heat.

Until next week, Happy Writing!

Clay Stafford
Founder of Killer Nashville

Vic DiGenti (aka Parker Francis) Vic DiGenti (aka Parker Francis)

Recently I’ve started looking at people differently. Perhaps it’s because I’ve watched one too many cable news programs spouting doom and gloom. Or maybe programs like Criminal Minds and CSI, with their growing body counts and close-ups of autopsies, have desensitized me. But as I look at people I imagine clever ways to send them on their way—permanently. That’s right, dead…

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