Character Interview No. 1 : Serial Killer Malcolm Penn from A Shadow Over Vegas

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Interview with a Serial Killer: Malcolm Penn

After much reluctance, serial killer Malcolm Penn from CH Kelly’s novel A Shadow Over Vegas has acquiesced to my request for an interview.  I tracked him down as he was getting ready to leave Las Vegas for New Orleans.

Shadow over vegas. ch kelly

Dara Rochlin:  Thanks for joining me today, Malcolm. Your book is increasing in popularity and now you have a blog that is gaining readership, how do you feel about all of this?

Malcolm Penn: Uncertain would best describe my current emotional state.  For a person with my tastes, obscurity is the safest road.  My author is a little hurt as my blog has far outpaced his in popularity.

Dara:  Does the attention worry you?

Malcolm:  I am amused when the experts suggest those of my persuasion have no feelings.  I feel anger, frustration, excitement and even happiness.  There are a few emotions I do not quite have a clear understanding of.  Worry would be one of those.

Dara: What other emotions do you lack?

Malcolm: Empathy for one, seems like a rather useless emotion.  Although I have researched them, conscience and soul are very difficult concepts for me to grasp.  I know I am guilty of acts that blatantly go against the laws of the land, yet, how is guilt an emotion?

Dara: Do you ever fear getting caught?

Malcolm: That is between me and my author.  He played with the idea of posting my picture on his website and after we had a short meeting he reconsidered.

Dara: How long do you think you will continue your blog?

Malcolm: I do not really have a specific plan. As long as interested parties continue to keep my popularity ahead of my author’s.  I enjoy his suffering, but then I do cherish others’ pain.

Dara: Do you have any regrets?

Malcolm: I believe my actions in the past have led me to where I am now.  My present state is quite acceptable to me.

Dara: Speaking of the past, was there something that made you the way you are?

Malcolm: Dara, everyone is a product of their past experiences.  Whether they happened in childhood or later on in life, a trauma alters us.

Dara: I understand that Malcolm, but we have all heard the awful things that serial killers experienced when they were children.  Surely you had some similar tragedy when you were young.

Malcolm: That time of my life is not something I feel the need to share with others.

Dara: Come on Malcolm. Your readers want to know, your fans want to know.

Malcolm: Dara I know where you live.  Perhaps I should take a trip to sunny California, I always have enjoyed the Pacific Ocean!

Dara: Thank you Malcolm for your thoughts today.  For those of you who like Malcolm’s character read A Shadow Over Vegas, available in paperback on Amazon and to download in most formats at Smashwords.  You can also find his blog at under Mal’s blog.

Malcolm: You are welcome, Dara, it has been a pleasure.

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