10 Questions With Indie.Author Hugh Howey

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Congratulations to Jason Derr for his great interview of 10 questions with… Author Hugh Howey. I’m thrilled to say I am working with Jason on his next short story, “Remembrances of Martha Toole”.


Publishing is changing. Just as the iPod and iPad changed music and movies and YouTube, Hulu and Netflix are changing TV, the book and publishing are being changed by the eReader and eReader app. We now live in a world where the indie.book can rise up to challenge the bestseller list. Likewise, some authors are making a killing writing and publishing on their own. Others, like Hugh Howey, are changing the game — becoming hybrid authors walking the line between indie and mainstream publishing.

Hugh and I have much in common: born in 1976, both from the South (me from Virginia, him from North Carolina), he lives in Florida and I spent several years in florida. He dropped out of college and it took me three attempts at an undergrad education. Also, we are both writers.

Alas, that is where our similarities part ways. Hugh has become a hugely successful…

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