Character Interview Number Nine – Tom Kendall, Private Detective

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what an awesome idea.. a character interview… 🙂 If you could interview one character from literature or history, who would it be ?

Library of Erana

Tell Us About Yourself

Name (s): Tom Kendall, Private Detective –

Age: The right side of 40

Please tell us a little about yourself. So what do you want to know, where I was born, stuff like that? Well I was brought up in New York, on the east side. I went to Brook Street School. Miss Lacey, she was my teacher. She was small, but she was tough. You didn’t cross her. Discipline you see, that’s the answer, discipline. You don’t get that now. After school I had a few dead end jobs, working in a store, and then I joined the New York Police Department. I was 17. My father had been a Police Sergeant with the 22nd Precinct, and so had his father before him. Even my uncle had been a police officer in Chicago. Then about ten years ago I left the department and started up…

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  1. Thank you for featuring me – glad you enjoyed it. If I could interview a character from literature I think it would be Sidney Carton from Tale of Two Cities


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