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I love books.  I love editing. I love watching words flow and ebb on the page.  I love when it works. and I even love when it doesn’t work.  I love the ability to find the right way to fix a sentence to make it flow.   I love being a wordsmith.

My job is to provide the help you need to achieve your goals with your writing.

Dara Rochlin Book Doctor offers a full suite of editing services including:

Developmental/ Project Editing
Structural Editing
Copy/Line Editing
Stylistic Editing
Manuscript Editing
Self Publishing – Create Space, Lulu, Smashwords
Fact Checking & Research
Resume Proofreading

Every writer does not need the same amount of effort and time even when selecting the same service, so my intention is to customize the price based on the writer’s needs.

I give you an honest opinion of your story with specific notes, comments and questions to strengthen your writer’s voice.  I brainstorm with you and offer advice on how to make your book more marketable, to give you the best final product before you go to publication.

First contact is preferably via email – DaraR68 (at) gmail (dot) com.  I will do a sample edit of a chapter (up to five pages) for you to see how I work.  Then I will send you back the sample edit with commentary and suggestions.  Next step is the Quote. Once we work out the terms, then the Contract.

What people have said about

Dara Rochlin Book Doctor

“Hello, everyone. I’m dropping in to give kudos to my editor, Dara Rochlin. She has been with me on this journey since last June (2012) and continues to be by my side. She was instrumental in the editing of this book, giving me constructive criticism as needed, seeing it through publishing and now through promotion. I couldn’t have asked for a better editor. If you’re looking for a fantastic editor and wordsmith, someone who is honest, caring, smart and quick, go to Dara. I trust her with everything.”

Author Roxanna Mitchell, Perfect Score Part One: Full Court Press


“Things are going great, the first chapter should be back from my awesome editor Dara Rochlin some time this week and I couldn’t be more excited. This is going to be an amazing journey and I am looking forward to every second of it.

Finished going through my edits today and they were awesome. Big thank you to Dara Rochlin for turning what I gave her and making a chapter out of it. Anyone looking for an editor I highly recommend her.”

Author Mike Mill, Chronicles of The Guardian and Jonny Two Bones

“I did it! Thanks to Book Doctor, Dara Rochlin for her awesome edits and insights.”

Author Dawn Miller Fulton, The Mighty Orange Blossoms

“Dara, thanks for the help with editing my resume. Great job, much appreciated.”

Ian Lipner, Personal Trainer

Word of the Day: MERAKI. (adj). Greek.  Meraki describes what happens when you leave a piece of yourself (your soul, creativity, or love) in your work, whatever it may be

If we work together, I promise that with every edit and revision, you will get a piece of Meraki from me.

To find out more information, contact me via email at Dara Rochlin Book Doctor or at 424-262-0952.
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